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Thank you for visiting Intuitive Holistic Healing.  As an inclusive Holistic Practitioner, I have a wide range of therapies and courses which I believe will set you on a new life path of understanding who and what you truly are, and why you are are experiencing your current challenges. Please select an icon below to learn more about my areas of practice and start your journey with me.  Learn more

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The Holistic Healing approach is extremely helpful in treating all aspects of life including, but not limited to: Arthritic and rheumatic conditions - Blood pressure, Cholesterol and Circulatory challenges - Bone and Muscular conditions - Digestive challenges - Fatigue,  M.E., Candida, IBS, Moodiness, Low Vitality, poor Immune System – Infertility - Menopausal and other Feminine conditions - Skin and Respiratory problems.  Learn more
Mary Anne Gosling

About me

Welcome to Intuitive Holistic Healing; my name is MaryAnne Gosling, Dip.Herb., ND., M.Div., Dip.Bc., Dip Sg. and bring about healing in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

My career has been divinely guided thru a series of synchronicities which have led me to explore and study many different strands of healing traditions. Learn more.

Upcoming Classes

I OFFER A THREE WEEK COURSE in my own home on a regular basis:  Learn more.