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Bio Cognition

In Biocognitive theory, individuals are seen as an inseparable living field of mind, body, Spirit and historical culture in constant search for meaning.


In attempting to describe Biocognition, a good place to start is to recognise that it is an amalgamation of two words.  Bio means life or life energy.  Cognition is the ‘mental process of knowing' which includes aspects such as awareness, perception, reasoning and judgement.  Cognition is knowledge which comes to be known through awareness, perception, and intuition.  So Biocognition is knowledge of life and its processes within our physical and subtle bodies.


Biocognition is a “Science of Consciousness” which acknowledges that the nature of the human being is a Divine Soul incarnated into a physical body to experience energy in motion, gain wisdom, and realise that it is simultaneously a tiny fractal of ‘All That Is’, an instrument within the whole, and yet also a powerful, radiant, luminous being. 

Effectively this means grasping the appreciation that we are one with the God that made us, and simultaneously a unique independent being.

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